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Jonathan K.

I'm still steeped in the powerful magic of my time travel which Megan guided. It was an incredibly powerful session - one I will remember as a turning point.


Megan held such a loving, compassionate, yet brave and powerful space for me. I couldn’t even articulate how much I received in this session and how much I know I will continue to reap from details of the transmissions that came through.

Megan opened my heart with the level of patience and neutrality that she was able to hold in this session. While I’ve previously felt fear and aversion toward communicating directly with an ancestor, her guidance helped to connect with a very powerful ancestor in a way that felt so safe and so supportive.


The depth of healing in
this session was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I received the messages with my whole being and afterwards, I felt like a braver, more whole version of myself.

Mallory D.

Megan's magic is incredibly potent! At the start of our session, I felt immense tension and constriction in my body. 

Megan expertly opened a safe and inviting space for me to explore, tap into spirit, and shift the energies in these areas.


Her ability to guide through the mysterious and the invisible, and to reflect back sacred inner knowing is awe-inspiring. In the midst of and following my session with Megan, I felt a major energetic shift.


Not only was this healing on an energetic level, but sitting with the tarot cards she pulled and the insightful questions she elicited from them, I feel a deep sense of trust and momentum in following my soul's path at this moment. 


Megan, thank you for holding such powerful and supportive space for me.

Maria B.

I am grateful for many discoveries that have surfaced in sessions with Megan, and as time passes, it becomes more and more clear how working with Megan has equipped me to discover more on my own and find my own path. 

Nicole F.C.

There is the Nicole before my hypnosis with Megan and the Nicole after. Truly.


The transformation I experienced during my hypnosis has altered my beliefs and way of being in the world in the most expansive and grounding ways. I had been trying to access and heal this part of myself for years with varying degrees of “success.”


Through Megan’s skillful wisdom of astrology, my birth chart and her impeccable hypnosis container I was guided to access this part of myself that was longing to be set free and in this container was! I am now months out from the hypnosis and have been embodying this freedom in my everyday life ever since.


Megan is deep, potent and skilled in the depths. I trust her completely as she embodies integrity.

Nico H.

Being in the health and beauty industry for over 18 years, I have constantly struggled with finding the right people to assist my own healing. I have a very high standard and am very careful who I work with. 

Megan is one of those people who is naturally gifted and during our sessions helped me tremendously. Her way is very authentic and real. She is a therapists' therapist. I trust her implicitly.

Susannah R.

Megan's monthly group hypnosis sessions help me ground into the astrological energy of each month, while also accessing deeper parts of myself.


She holds the space beautifully, her words and her voice allow me to trust and enjoy the journey. This offering is such a gift and has given me insights that have supported me far beyond the end of each session.

Julie B.

I had the opportunity to take part in many different group hypnosis sessions with Megan and they were nothing short but magical.


Megan's soft voice and calm presence would very easily allow me to shift into a deeper state of consciousness and to relax my mind and body enough to open up for what was there to find. Her sessions were very inspiring and personal, even in a group setting. They were carefully curated around a specific theme and allowed me to gain deep insight, or, to "simply" forgive myself for some things or allow myself to just "be" for a moment, which to me, is extremely valuable.


Those experiences have a long lasting effect and I still think back of them often or reconnect with some aspects treated in those sessions, which allows me to navigate life or challenges in a different way. I am 100% convinced that these experiences helped me grow as a human and I am very grateful I got to be part of these sessions.


I would definitely recommend Megan and her work, as she has a unique approach and leads her sessions from her heart and deep intuition.

Kirsten H.

I’m in awe of how powerful it felt to feel acknowledged by myself. Like I’ve been searching for these internal answers in all the wrong places and finally found the right one.


After the first session, I sobbed in the shower, and in the great way where you feel all the things washing away as the water heals you. I’ve felt a peace and calm that I haven’t felt in months.

Lily T.

I can’t thank you enough, Megan. Truly, I am sitting here after a cathartic journal session, listening to Willie Nelson and crying gently with calm joy.

You are so gifted and kind. Our session moved me at the time, and is resonating intensely, rekindled with verve as I journaled back the memories.

I know I will sit with it frequently, and reconnect to its power when I need it most.

The trance session really helped me feel my ritual-self activated in a natural way.  You are an inspiration of such rich journey-living. 

I haven’t felt quite so connected and at peace in as long as I can remember. 

Seriously. I can’t express enough gratitude for receiving this offering and holding my hand along my own cathartic love-seeking journey.

Your magic and passion enveloped me like a fuzzy blanket as I certainly levitated into the unknown.


Thank you.

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