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Holistic Soul Project retreats

Astrology, hypnotherapy + Body Love

  • Starting at $1100

Service Description

As co-founder of Holistic Soul Project, I am so excited to host profoundly healing retreats based on healthy living, integrity and nutrition. Our retreats feature hypnotherapy, astrology, bodywork and more. All of our retreats are held in stunning natural settings, allowing our guests to connect to the magic of the world we live in. We are selective about our eco-friendly retreat locations; always supporting small, local businesses that are most often woman-owned. Many of our retreats have an invitation for shamanic experience, always respectfully working with a local shaman trained in the ways of the people and land that we are visitors to. Whether in Colombia or Finland. These integrated meetings often involve sacred plants, sauna/temazcal, cleansing rituals and other ancient healing methods that we are so grateful to receive. We work with only professional shamans, and pay exactly what they ask for. Stay tuned at because we have exciting news to share, including about upcoming retreats in Mexico, Spain and beyond!

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