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Integration Plan

This is my most complete plan, with the most 1:1 personal contact.

  • 1,700 US dollars

Service Description

Integration Plan * 6 hypnotherapy sessions (60-90 minutes, as needed, longer is not necessarily better) - normal rate $150 per session ($900) * 4 integration calls 1:1 of 1 hour, to discuss what's been coming up for you and how it's transformative and integrating into your life - normal rate $111 per session ($444) * 3 guided meditations (4 if necessary) to update what we're working on as the subconscious becomes more clear and integrated - normal rate $111 per meditation ($333) * 3 astrology sessions (45 minutes each) to understand how your natal chart and transits can help us speak directly to the parts of the subconscious mind that wish to be heard and also to see what opportunities are available for you presently and in the near future, shedding light to whatever may be currently blocking you from seizing them. - normal rate $88 per session ($264) * 3 recorded tarot readings of 30 minutes, to encourage the subconscious mind to speak through its perception of the cards. - normal rate $50 per session ($150) *Recommended listening podcasts, audiobooks and recommended reading that is in alignment with your process. * 20% discount on past-life regression/life between lives session during your coaching period. Time frame: 4-6 months Investment: $1700, can be paid in full or with installments across 6 months.

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