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Welcome to

Healing Wave Hypnosis!

“Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see.”

Milton H. Erickson

Access different states of mind. Through your own mind.

A hypnotic journey

I encourage my clients to continue the work between sessions and following sessions. One way to access the remarkable and transformative theta brain wave state is with music, I typically work with binaural beats, theta and delta waves and downtempo music. Here are some of my favorite mixes for bringing myself into hypnosis, which is really a deeply focused state of relaxation.  

Ocean (Remastered)
Matanza 2018 ๐ŸŽ โ–ช Disco Completo |Feat| Nicola Cruz โ–ช Fernando Milagros
Focus Music, Binaural Beats Concentration Music for Studying, Super Intelligence


(from Dead Can Dance)

Latin folktronica

Binaural beats

(best for relaxation)

A Shamanic Journey

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

- C.G. Jung -

Healing Wave hypnotic journey wave

The following

statistics exist on



has a 93%

recovery rate

after 6 sessions

Psychoanalysis (Traditional)

has a 38%

recovery rate

after 600 sessions

The Experience

The Experience

Therapeutic hypnosis is the process of accessing the subconscious mind in a gentle and safe manner. While as your guide, I provide cues, questions and mirror back your responses, I don't do anything to you. It's all you. And yes, you can. 


It's safe to trust and experience subconscious alchemy, the power of breath and your innate capacity to transform. 

At the beginning, you will most likely think you are making things up. That it is just you and your imagination. But then you will notice there’s something else there: Inspiration, which comes from the divine, or source.

In hypnotherapy, the goal is to relax the inner critic to the point that we can have a conversation with your highest self.  The relaxation element of hypnosis is akin to a guided meditation, luxurious and connecting. The intellectual mind will become curious, rather than judging.


“Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. It is characterized by an increased ability to produce desirable changes in habit patterns, motivations, self-image, and life-style. Alterations may be produced in physiological functions, such as pain, that are usually inaccessible to psychological influence.”


- Clinical Hypnosis Principles and Applications by Crasilneck & Hall -

[Hypnosis is] increase in focal attention to one aspect of the total situation and a concomitant constriction of peripheral awareness of other aspects.


- Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis by Spiegel & Spiegel -

When we connect directly with the subconscious mind, we focus on what we want more of, creating new neural pathways rather than hashing out the same old traumas and pains over and over again, which really just reaffirms what we don't want.


For example: Grief. We can meet grief with a cushion, like peeling back the layers of an onion. We will focus on what someone wants to feel rather than grief - not ignoring it, but really working to transform it into something that can help them. We also work to understand what grief is able to teach us. 

From my experience as a client and a practitioner, hypnotherapy is deeply transformational. That said, everyone's experience is truly their own and nothing you do or experience is wrong. Sometimes clients are very visual and some aren't. The main thing is to trust the feelings that come up. Many people experience profound shifts even after just one session of hypnotherapy. 



Choose your deep mind plan




Jonathan K.

I'm still steeped in the powerful magic of my time travel which Megan guided. It was an incredibly powerful session - one I will remember as a turning point.


Megan held such a loving, compassionate, yet brave and powerful space for me. I couldn’t even articulate how much I received in this session and how much I know I will continue to reap from details of the transmissions that came through.


Megan opened my heart with the level of patience and neutrality that she was able to hold in this session. While I’ve previously felt fear and aversion toward communicating directly with an ancestor, her guidance helped to connect with a very powerful ancestor in a way that felt so safe and so supportive.


The depth of healing in
this session was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I received the messages with my whole being and afterwards,

I felt like a braver, more

whole version

of myself.




Nico H.

Being in the health and beauty industry for over 18 years, I have constantly struggled with finding the right people to assist my own healing. I have a very high standard and am very careful who I work with. 

Megan is one of those people who is naturally gifted and during our sessions helped me tremendously. Her way is very authentic and real. She is a therapists' therapist. I trust her implicitly.


Kirsten H.

I’m in awe of how powerful it felt to feel acknowledged by myself. Like I’ve been searching for these internal answers in all the wrong places and finally found the right one.


After we hung up I sobbed in the shower, and in the great way where you feel all the things washing away as the water heals you. I’ve felt a peace and calm I haven’t felt in months.


All you need to know before you schedule a session

  • What is Hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a natural state that is accessible when we are deeply relaxed. In this extremely relaxed state of mind, we have increased problem solving abilities and are able to observe ourselves almost as if we are observing another person. The client is in total control of the situation at all times, and for that reason, it is a custom-tailed and highly subjective experience for each individual. Megan creates unique scripts for individual clients, however often she does not use a script. The client really moves the session. We go in and ot of hypnosis on a regular basis. Some common examples are daydreaming or when you are walkin or driving, for example, and are somewhat "zoned out" to the point that you suddenly realize you've already made it to your destination! Often, clients report that hypnosis feels like a personalized, guided meditation in which we have a direct conversation (with eyes closed!) with your subconscious mind. We will go to where you need to go.
  • What Hypnosis is not.
    Hypnosis is not mind control. It is not sleep. It is not being blacked out. You can't reveal anything you don't want to reveal. Or say anything you don't want to say.
  • What are some issues hypnosis can help me with?
    โ– Depression โ– Anxietyโ– Root causes of addictionโ– Obsessive or intrusive thoughts โ– Feeling lostโ– Lonelinessโ– Repressed feelingsโ– Illness and general dis-ease โ– Weightloss โ– Quitting smoking, smoking cessation and reducing smoking โ– Grief โ– Anger โ– Insomnia โ– Improving lifestyle choices โ– Stress โ– Shame โ– Body image โ– Self image โ– Reframing of traumatic incidents โ– Inner child healing โ– Forgiveness (for self and others) โ– Irritable Bowel Syndrome โ– Phobias... and many more!!!!
  • How will I feel after?
    Most people feel tired and inspired. Some people will feel like time is moving quickly or even more likely, slowly. Itโ€™s good to plan to spend time alone and process, perhaps by resting or journaling, the experience. Spending time with someone who is very close to you can be helpful. But do not feel obligated to share everything with them, unless they share your enthusiasm. Some things are better kept to oneself. Remember: They werenโ€™t there.
  • How a session will be conducted:
    Please wear headphones and be in a quiet place where you wonโ€™t be disturbed. Sessions can be conducted via phone call or Zoom. If you're in Mexico City, sessions can be conducted in person! Hypnosis works very well over the phone or via Zoom, as people are able to maintain a deep level of relaxation after the session, not having to worry about traffic, for example.
  • I have more questions: โ€‹
    Great. Email โ€‹healingwavehypnosis@gmail.comโ€‹ with any specific questions.
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